I went to After Paradise with @AbbyDraper and laughed my face off

On one of two recent LA trips (is it any wonder I am TIRED?!) I had the distinct pleasure of attending After Paradise with my Twitter bud @AbbyDraper thanks to our friend Millsy aka Rob Mills.

Although Abby and I have tweeted and emailed a lot, this was our first in-person meet-up. She did not disappoint. Abby is as hilarious and fun as she is here and here and here and here.

First we watched the East Coast Bachelor in Paradise feed with our beloved Millsy and some wine.

There will be wine

And then it was time to go into the studio for After Paradise. Millsy put us in the front row so we immediately started ogling Jenny. It is not fair that she’s as pretty as she is funny.

PS later, we met Sid who is ADORABLE. He and I high-fived. We’re buds now.



The guests were JJ and Juelia, both of whom are substantially more attractive now that they’re not in Mexico drunk and sweating 24/7. Well, they might still be drunk 24/7 but who knows?

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When the show was over, Abby kindly drove me back to West Hollywood from Burbank, and we sang along to Taylor Swift the whole way there so the night was pretty much perfect.

Thanks Millsy! Thanks Abby! See you soon, LA.

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