My weird obsession

You know I hate that word, obsessed. But I didn’t know how to give this post a catchy, make-you-want-to-read-it title without including obsession.

And it’s not an addiction like the TV show. I will never ever eat the stuffing of a couch cushion–promise.

My weird thing to do is this: when I see a tiny sink in a New York City restaurant, I take a picture, often with my free hand in the pic for scale.

Motorino, East Village

Motorino, East Village

I have a folder on my phone for all of the Tiny Sink pics, and another on my computer.

tiny sink

Space is limited in NYC. Not even professional chefs are immune to the problem. Check out the itty bitty sink Chef Charlie Marshall has in his home. How does he wash dishes?

I guess this is one more thing to add to the Ways I’m Weird post.

4 thoughts on “My weird obsession

  1. Paul

    That is so cool OC. Not being from NYC, I had no idea that sinks were miniaturized. Huh! Your obsession is hardly one of any more than slightly intriguing proportions. Everyone has their little quirks – it makes us all unique. In fact I think yours is rather endearing. 😀

  2. joey

    Perhaps Tiny Sink coffee table book is in your future. Or a children’s book about where your nails go, and all the adventures they have and germs they collect, until they’re washed. ^_^ lol
    I think it’s a cute quirk!

  3. markbialczak

    Great use of your other hand for scale, Jen. Yes, how do they get things done in those tiny sinks? Even the brushing of the teeth and shaving of the face would require cartoon-like behavior, I’m sure.


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