Fall, please be kind

After my terrible summer, I have been hoping for an easier fall. So far, that hasn’t happened.

On Saturday after a workout, I went to visit my favorite kittens. PS9 was hopping. A nice couple was in the process of adopting this little furball.


I was holding my favorite kitten. Officially she is nameless, but I call her Kerry Washington because she’s black, beautiful and made me work for her affection. I have not met actress Kerry Washington, but I’m guessing her affection needs to be earned too. I dream of keeping Kerry – the kitten, not the actress.

Kitten Kerry

Kerry and I were all snuggly when suddenly, she got spooked by a giant visiting dog. Limbs akimbo, claws out and my face was in the way.

I thought my face would be a bloody mess. Nope! I got lucky.

Or so I thought. I went home, showered and started to panic.


At least my manicure is fresh

I popped two Benadryl and put an icepack on my face before crashing for two hours.



No better. Worse, in fact. There are more grotesque images, but I’m too vain to share them.

I went to the local urgent care. They ushered me into an exam room quickly, figuring I could die in their waiting room from anaphylaxis and that would look bad for them. The physician’s assistant and scribe were both really kind to me (although I found it strange that they didn’t really examine my actual eye), telling me I’m a good person for handling the kittens in spite of my allergies.


They gave me prednisone and Pepcid (it has histamine blocking properties–who knew?) and sent me on my way, cautioning me to eat something with the prednisone.

I stopped at Two Boots for a slice to go. Suddenly starving, I was that girl, walking up the street and eating. So American. Ugh.

About two blocks from home, I stepped in a small hole, twisted my ankle (this one) and hit the deck, dropping my precious slice of pizza. It was such a spectacular fall that two people across the avenue shouted “ARE YOU OK?”

I didn’t rip my jeans but did manage to skin my knee anyway.


So I would have to say no, I don’t think Fall is a big improvement upon my Summer thus far. Can we all just agree to tell 2015 to #$@# off?

8 thoughts on “Fall, please be kind

  1. markbialczak

    From worst to really bad to bad, Jen. Things are getting better! Just a little sarcastic humor to cheer you up, right? Yes, you are ready for a new year, my friend. I hope the allergic reactioin and ankle/skinned knee get better PDQ. You need another slice, eaten sitting down.


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