The golden age of naps

I can’t help but feel that I was ahead of the curve. Long-time readers have seen my nap posts and my odes to sleep.

Photo via Splash News

Photo via Splash News

The rest of the world seems to be catching up because suddenly there are nap desks (which I want so, so badly), mobile nap pods and nap hoodies.

Via Caspar

Via Caspar

There’s a nap pillow (which I worry would make my arms go numb) and a Nap Queen sweatshirt and nap books, some of which are even focused on adults.

Why am I not profiting from this wave of nap popularity?

Asleep on the job, I guess.


4 thoughts on “The golden age of naps

  1. Rueclergirl

    No, I do not plan my weekends around napping. I have no *yawn* idea where you got that *fluffs pillow* idea.

    I’ll be back in a couple of hours. Zzzzzz


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