How was your weekend?

After a birthday-driven, cocktail-infused couple of days, my plan for the weekend was clear: LAY LOW.

Bo-ring, right? In my defense, I had social plans six days out of the previous eight.My liver isn’t 23 years old anymore. Neither is the rest of me.

First there was a gluttonous, delicious birthday dinner at Javelina – yes, the site of that hilarious NYT review. If you get there, make sure to get at least one kind of queso. I was too hungry to take pics of ours so here’s one from Instagram.

I had another birthday meal, this time at Pellegrino’s with Mom, some of her friends and some of mine.

Thanks to Millsy, I got to attend a #KimmelinBrooklyn taping and attend the Tidal concert.

Then there was a work event and its after-party (and at both, I was stupid enough to drink Manhattans instead of something lighter).

In typical fashion, I was only semi-successful in my goal of achieving maximum sloth. On Friday, @full_of_moxie and I had a Brooklyn night out. Once again, my dumb self was drinking Manhattans (until we went to The Levee and I switched to beer). When will I learn?

When I wasn’t cocktailing, I was reading this, cooking this and dreaming about buying this.


How was your weekend?


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