What’s new with you, @AbbyDraper?

Finally – a new blog post! And it’s a fun one. A Twitter Spotlight update.

When I featured Abby Draper here back in the day, we hadn’t yet met. Fortunately we fixed that this year and you can read about it here. One of these days, she might even get me to SoulCycle. Maybe.


When Jennifer told me it has been two years since my Twitter Spotlight I didn’t believe her. When I re-read the piece and sat down to write this update, I actually am bemused at what has happened in what feels like such a short amount of time.

First, for all of the single men reading this, I have gotten way hotter and way funnier and way more single. Wink, wink.


Now that that’s out of the way – here are seven highlights from my life since I last contributed. When I write “listicles” I try to stick with seven because five is too short and ten is too long, in case you were wondering about the random number.

  1. Three years ago I was working at an agency and that about summed me up. I was cranky and always tired. Basically I even hated being around myself. The Christmas before I turned 29, I was visiting family in North Carolina and while they were pouring mimosas and listening to music, I was forced to the guest room to write a press release. Seriously. My dad, who I am very close with, interrupted me to bring me a mimosa and when he saw what I was doing asked, “are you sure this is how you want to spend the rest of your life?” before taking my cellphone and computer away from me to join my family in celebrating the holidays. With that, I came back to LA and quit my job. I’ve never made a better decision.
  2. Shortly thereafter, I started a blog, got a gig writing for the Huffington Post, another gig recapping reality TV shows, another gig ghost writing for a major men’s lifestyle publication and…
  3. I SIGNED A BOOK DEAL. Which is exciting, absolutely, but also a much more grueling and confusing process than I expected. However, keep your eyes peeled because we are nearing the finish line and I expect everyone reading this to buy 1,000 copies.
  4. That being said, Jenny Mollen, my personal hero, agreed to write a blurb for my book. Jennifer can attest to this because she was there when it happened. I’ve never fan-girled or cried harder.
  5. I turned 30 which may not sound like a huge deal, but it feels like a really huge deal. Life feels bigger, my relationships with friends and family feel stronger and I’m so fucking happy it’s kind of gross. And because I live in LA, the biggest 30th celebration of the many was spent at SoulCycle. It was amazing and you should read about it.
  6. Speaking of SoulCycle, which is something I do quite often, I celebrated 1,000 rides recently, which was an incredible feat, and something I’m very proud of.
  7. I’ve taken incredible vacations with my closest friends. From Chicago, to New York, to Zion, to Portland, to San Francisco and beyond – feel free to check out pictures on my Instagram

I thought it may also be fun to answer the questions from my first Twitter Spotlight again to see if any of those answers have changed, but when I re-read, nothing has changed. If nothing else, I’m consistent and predictable.

Find me anywhere online @abbydraper.



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