Six things I am asking Santa for

Even grinches like me have wish lists. And in year’s like this [extraordinarily rough] one, I won’t let anyone take that from me.

Not that this group of kind people would try. You have been so lovely to me.


This Kate Spade coat*



You know from past posts that I’m a huge fan of the brand’s outerwear. While I love the pale pink of this coat, what I really need is a basic black coat–with some flair, of course. I’m waiting for this one to go on sale.

I love this CK coat too and the price is great, but I know the style just wouldn’t flatter me personally. Damn it.

A Gotham Writers Workshop class

I’ve done several before. Between the educational aspects and the schedule that forces me to be more disciplined about writing regularly, they have helped me tremendously. I have a novel brewing in my head. But can I pull it off? A workshop would certainly help.

A big ol’ jar of Scrumptious Brownies

Full disclosure: my friend of a gazillion years, Nadine, is founder of the company, but I wouldn’t tell you about these delicious treats if I weren’t truly a fan. I’m partial to the butterscotch.

Nadine has kindly offered readers of my blog a 20% discount on ordered placed by December 15. Redeem promo code Onechicklette2015 at

A donation to causes that matter [to me]

Option 1. Option 2. Option 3.

More HausUrban coconut chorus lip glide

Seriously, it feels and smells so good. And it’s made from all natural ingredients.

A month of drama-free L train service

Just kidding. Santa is good, but not that good. In lieu of smooth commuting, I’ll take these boots, please.

Make it happen, Santa.

*Some of the above links are via Ebates. I use affiliate programs to help cover the cost of hosting the blog (which, if you have your own blog, you understand doing so isn’t free!). If you have not joined Ebates, check it out here. If you’re an online shopper, you should absolutely join.

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