Clever post title TK

h/t to Jennifer Mendelsohn

I’ve been trying to draft some clever, thought-provoking posts. A post to make you laugh perhaps. Something that sums up the year in a witty way. And nothing to do with grief – for once.

But, nope! It just hasn’t happened.

I have lots of thoughts and, as usual, a desire to share them, but right now, everything in my head is a bit…scattered. Plus if I take the time to think, you might end up with more sad posts like this.

Plane view

Part of it has been my recent travel schedule–Sacramento, San Francisco/Walnut Creek, LA, DC and the Scranton area for Thanksgiving. Fortunately none of my Thanksgiving fears came true.

We came close at one point: my mother tried to marry me off to an ardent Trump follower, but I escaped.

Anyway, here are a few good things.

I ate this pizza at GG’s in the East Village. It was amazing.


I finished season 2 of Penny Dreadful.

I booked a trip to Florida and locked in my New Year’s plans.

I visited kittens.


I kissed a hot guy. No, you can’t see his picture.


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