Your NYC must-do list

Remember my NYC to-do list?


Now I need your help. As a visitor to NYC, what would you want to do? I have a special houseguest coming to spend the weekend and while I have a handle on where we’ll go each evening for food, drink and general merrymaking, I’m not sure what to do with mornings and afternoons.

My guest has been to New York before so I’m not thinking of obvious tourist attractions like Times Square (ugh) or the Empire State Building. And given that it’s January, planning is tricky.

Whether you’ve been to NYC a lot or a little, or if you’re a resident of the city, I’m eager to hear your suggestions. xo

4 thoughts on “Your NYC must-do list

  1. Nadine

    So, I am a museum girl.,,, Love moma and eating/drinking at the modern. Could live at the met… Know anyone who has a club membership, have lunch there. But the one no one thinks of is the frick.

    Nadine Weiss Flam SCRUMPTIOUS BROWNIES. Real food. Real good.

  2. Mindy

    I really enjoyed the Foods of New York food tour (I did Greenwich Village) though you’d have to bundle up as you would be walking from place to place. NYPL Schwarzman Building tour. That’s all I’ve got.

  3. sisyphusjns

    I love that you don’t know what to do with mornings and afternoons….because “sleep in” and “nap” seem insufficiently ambitious when you have a guest.


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