I wish

I wish one of you would go to the grocery store with me to physically prevent me from buying the avocados I never seem to eat before they rot.

pee wee


I wish this great Modern Love column had told us more about the hitchhiker. WHAT HAPPENED?!

I wish I could decide between this bedding and that bedding.

I wish that the Brazilian Blowout I got yesterday didn’t give off such sickly sweet-smelling fumes & give me a headache. And didn’t prevent me from going to the gym.

Just kidding. I don’t feel like doing that anyway.

I wish I knew how to pack for my upcoming two-week business trip. Four cities, three different types of weather.

I wish Javelina‘s queso weren’t so delicious.


I wish I were more disciplined and less lazy. And also that I could sleep until 11 am each day.

I wish the Steelers had won yesterday. There were Dad‘s favorite team.

I wish my Mom some peace six months and one day after Dad’s death. I wish Dad were still with us.

But I don’t wish I missed Dad less. He’s worth missing.

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