The best blizzard ever

And you know how I love snow so if I’m saying this was the best snow, I really mean it.

My visitor (he needs a nickname, maybe) made it to NYC before the snow.

We ate here and drank here. And then it snowed, and snowed some more. I loved it.

Snow crop

We had a picnic made by @VagabondGirl.


We watched many movies including Daddy’s Home and my old favorite, Traffic. I also introduced him to Mr. Robot which he loved, fortunately–I would have hated having to kick him out.

It was a wonderful weekend.

Did you get snow?

2 thoughts on “The best blizzard ever

  1. Laura

    We got around 28 inches, which was just fine by me because if you’re going to get more than 4, you may as well get 28. That looks like a great picnic! Are those marcona almonds? That’s my kind of blizzard snack.


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