Since you’ve been gone (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a multi-part post. Start here.

Stop two on my thirteen-day, four-stop business trip: Los Angeles, a city I’ll never complain about visiting.


Driving from region to region in Southern California is something I almost always enjoy. Such dramatic landscapes! This time, I even saw a small sandstorm and quite a few tumbleweeds.

Drive to LA Snapchat-4890625016640077591

Leaving Palm Springs

When I wasn’t working, I had lots of fun! First I attended Bachelor Live. The guest super fans were Lacey Chabert and Lee Brice. Bachelor Ben was so sweet, particularly with his young fans.

Bachelor Ben

I wish I had a chance to meet Michelle Collins!

The next night, Millsy and I went to a Laker game where we savaged a dessert cart and had fun with Snapchat.

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Here is Part 3 if you’d like to keep reading.

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