At least one part of my life is falling into place

And thank goodness because recently, most of my brain power has been consumed by uncertainty and a need to make decisions.

I’m not completely in the clear, but I have found a new place to live. Obviously I’m not going to post a link to the apartment description and announce to the world where I live. But I will say that I’m staying in Williamsburg – yay!

Weird fact: I ultimately chose between two finalists upon deciding I couldn’t live with this oddly broken-up closet.

closetThe bad news about finding a new home is that rents are super high so I need you guys to click an ad banner or use a referral link tout suite.

In case you’re curious, here are a few places I considered during the hunt.

I loved two of Williamsburg’s waterfront buildings (and hated one).

Apartments at The Edge and Northside Piers were largely beautiful and the amenities are top-notch, but the costs to apply and move were super expensive, and most had broker’s fees to factor in (I explained the insanity of NYC broker’s fees here).

At The Edge, the application fee is now $1,250 (!!). In the age of free credit reports, that’s an insane fee. The Edge is a condo building so the fee is artificially inflated, apparently, to discourage rentals. However apartment owners don’t seem to be dissuaded: there are presently fifteen apartments up for rent in The Edge’s two towers at the time I’m drafting this.

Even though when I had apartments with balconies, I rarely used them, I still keep thinking about this view.

As for the building I hated…wow. All I can say is that it must be true that a sucker is born every second. Even looking at just the online posts, I thought “so overpriced.” And then I saw the horrible layouts with tiny rooms and dead space and could barely contain myself in front of the broker.

Pay very close attention when a brand new building doesn’t include room dimensions on the floor plan. A beautiful view is only worth so much if you can’t fit even a twin bed in the “bedroom.”

Now be a good friend and click an ad banner because I’m about to be poor.

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