I’m moving. Now what?

I hate moving less than most people.

Other than the expense, and other than eventually getting tired of packing, I don’t really hate moving at all. Instead, I see it as a chance for a fresh start.


In the past, I have been slow to decorate and tentative about it too. One thing I have learned from my roommate and friend, Katie, is to dive in.

If she reads this, she will laugh, thinking about how long it took me to hang these stupid mirrors in my bedroom.

I have my eye on a few items for my new apartment. This Apartment Therapy post about pink rugs has inspired some serious online browsing. You know how I feel about pink!

Via Apartment Therapy and Caryn's House of Boys - LOVE

Via Apartment Therapy and Caryn’s House of Boys – LOVE

This rug is a dream. I found a few reasonably priced options here, here and on Houzz.

I need to get bar stools. Maybe these?

And I have my eye on this succulent planter for when I’m settled. Isn’t it cute?


I am also hoping to unload a few things. Mom is taking my microwave (new place has one installed). I may sell my dining room table and start fresh.

And if anyone wants to buy a stereo (I know the answer is no, but humor me), you know who to message.

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