I’m going to Italy. Where should I eat?

My mother and I are going to Italy in a few months.


Yep. It’s going to be…interesting.

Mom and Jen

She doesn’t find me funny (at all) and we tend to bicker. But we’re going via a tour – an upscale tour that will hopefully spare me from embarrassing Americans asking for embarrassing American things – so there will be other people to hang out with when we get on each other’s nerves. Hopefully Mom will make at least one friend to hang out with when she gets annoyed with me (and so I can sneak away for a nap!).

Our tour has a few meal gaps. While I can certainly Google, I would love to arrive in Italy armed with personal suggestions.

I am looking for place to have:

  • One dinner and one lunch in Rome – proximity to Villa Borghese a plus
  • Two lunches and two dinners in Florence (circa Palazzo Vecchio or thereabouts)
  • One dinner (I think) in Cinque Terre (La Spezia ideally)
  • And finally, one lunch and one dinner in Venice

If you’ve been to Italy and recent years, please share your favorites with me in the comments. Ciao!

Unfortunately this trip has been postponed due to the Summer of Suck.

5 thoughts on “I’m going to Italy. Where should I eat?

  1. Carolyn Kirk

    Just got back and had some great recommendations – all need reservations but can be made same day.
    Venice: Da Mamo – tiny, delicious, tucked away. Our favorite in Italy.
    CT: Belforte (closed Tuesdays) in Vernazza (delicious and killer view / :20 by train from La Spezia)
    Nessun Dorma in Manarola – no view anywhere like this. Maybe :10 from La Spezia. All are worth the trip, not touristy.
    Have so much fun!

  2. Jess Roth

    I just returned from a trip to Italy with my mother. We had an amazing meal in Florence. You must try the Florentine steak. I will find the name of the restaurant and send it to you.

  3. Heather

    I was in Venice in October and we found this small out of the way place we went to for dinner. It was amazing. It was a small place and from their welcome drink and a taste of their risotto while we had a short wait for a seat, to the surprise grappa and cookies to end the meal, the owner and his wife treated us like gold, we had an amazing meal and the meal was the most memorable of our entire European vacation. Highly recommend Trattoria Alla Gazzettino. Posted a pic of the front of the menu to Facebook.


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