Five things I will miss about my apartment (and a few that I won’t)

The move is SOON. I’m excited!

But I’m also feeling nostalgic, looking around the place I have called home for the last two years. What will I miss?

The view from one side of the apartment. So pretty and I enjoyed seeing it change with each season.


The in-fridge water dispenser. I wish I were joking, but nope! Now I have to buy a Brita. I drink TONS of water. A current source of anxiety is waiting to buy the Brita until I get into the apartment and gauge if I have room for this one or that one.

The quiet. My previous apartment, still in Williamsburg, faced a busy thoroughfare. It was noisy 75% of the time. Double-pane windows helped, but if I wanted ventilation (and who doesn’t?), it meant hearing honking and other street noise.

The layout. My current apartment is long, shaped almost like a capital letter I or a bow tie. Walking from one end to the other made it feel big.

The window treatments. They are light in color but feel substantial and do a fabulous job of blocking out light and, to some extent, heat. My landlord had them custom-made in China so I have little chance of replicating them exactly in my new place. Boo.


So…what won’t I miss?

The lack of ventilation in my bedroom. There’s a wall of windows but ONLY ONE OPENS. It drove me crazy.

Window Also, the lack of overhead lighting in my bedroom. One can only do so much with floor and desk lamps. I think my new bedroom has overhead lighting…but now that I think about it, I’m not positive.

ONE MORE THING TO WORRY ABOUT. Guess I’ll find out when I get the keys!

The light pollution that came in from a parking garage outside the bedroom. The condo board has plans to address, but, alas, I’m already gone.




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