Am I insane?

I’m thinking of adopting a cat.

Not just any cat. This cat.


His name is Serge. Sergio. Sergei. He’s flexible. 

Serge 20160527_165433.jpg

Serge is either two years old or four depending on who you ask. He was pulled from a kill shelter and from what Joan of PS9 Pets knows, was surrendered by his owner. Given that the information shelters share tends to be vague at best and given the awesomeness of this cat, I have to think there was more to Serge’s situation. Maybe a death. Maybe a move.


This boy is so sweet. He climbs in my lap and purrs, swirls around my ankles when I stand nearby. While he probably does this for everyone who passes through PS9 Pets, I don’t even care.

As you know from this post, I’m allergic. But a combination of exposure and Flonase seems to have helped a lot.

I’m actually thinking of taking him home, at least on a trial foster basis.

Am I insane?

Update here.

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