My new home

Would you like to see it? Yes? Cool!

Here’s a sneak peek but I’ll do a full post once I am better settled.

LR 0525_081651

OK, you probably weren’t looking for the neat and clean, before I moved my junk in pics. I’ll try again soon. As always, I am taking my time decorating (aka I am lazy).

I have been in my new apartment for about two weeks now and I am loving it. The layout already feels familiar and I have slept through each night since the move–being tired from the physicality of unpacking has helped.

At first, I couldn’t figure out why I immediately felt at home here. But then it hit me: this apartment is the perfect blend of the best elements of my DC and the apartment I lived in here in Williamsburg when I first moved back to NYC in 2011.

The kitchen of my new apartment reminds me of the DC condo.

Kitchen 20160525_081641

Having my bedroom and living room aligned on the same wall reminds me of this apartment.

I am loving having a walk-in closet again. Naturally it’s stuffed right now. I just invested in some of these skinny hangers.

What I really need is interior design help…

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