Good food: Market Table in NYC

It has been a while since I posted about food. Two recent meals reminded me that I was overdue.

One restaurant, Market Table, was so good that I had to go back for seconds.

First, I dined there with Adrienne. Situated in the charming West Village, Market Table is a cozy nine-year old restaurant that I had somehow overlooked all this time. And it was simply through the luck of OpenTable that I picked it at all.

My friend and I had some serious catching up to do so I didn’t take any of my own pics. Fortunately Instagram came to the rescue.


We shared cavatelli with stinging nettle pesto, tomato jam and pine nuts which wasn’t just delicious in its tanginess–it also had terrific texture. Next time I dine at Market Table, I don’t plan to share this dish.

Adrienne had spring pea soup with lobster and a soft shell crab appetizer that looked much like this:

I regret that after my hanger steak plus the shared appetizer, I didn’t have room for dessert.

Fortunately I saved room the second time I dined at Market Table AND I took pics.

Market Table Snapchat-5551302397310353491

My second visit was with Robyn and Millsy. Naturally, Millsy was late (just teasing – he had just flown in from LA).

Robyn and I enjoyed cocktails and quinoa hush puppies while we waited.

Hushpuppies Snapchat-4246839285474337094

Once Millsy arrived, we really dove in.

Millsy Some of the dishes were repeats from my first meal because they were so delicious. The thoughtful server and chef conspired to divvy up the dishes when she heard us say we planned to share.Market Table
Market Table

We had four desserts. There’s video.

Can’t wait to go back for round three.

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