I went to Saint Martin

…and thought seriously about not coming back. Whether you call it St. Martin or Sint Maarten, it’s a beautiful island.


When my annual trip to Rehoboth fell through, Tammy came to my rescue.

“I’m going to SM. Come with!”



And that was more or less it. Lucky, lucky me.


There were four of us – Tammy, Tammy’s friend Jenn, Jenn’s friend Stephanie and me. We got along fabulously.


My hair was a wreck for the duration

The four of us ate at some great restaurants. My favorites were Coco Beach for breakfast and Le Piment for dinner.

We stayed in an Orient Bay apartment (Tammy is a member of this site) and also spent a day at the Westin Dawn Beach.20160710_185408

We drank a lot of rosé. A lot, a lot.

Sidebar: did you know that Amazon has a wine store?? I didn’t until today!

If you want to learn more about SM, click here or here. Tammy posted about what it was like to work on her business from SM here.

PS if you’re booking a vacation, I’d be ever so grateful if you’d use my Hotels.com referral link.

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