Current obsessions: cutoffs, #BachelorinParadise & Lemons

You know I hate it when people say “I’m obsessed” but here I am, doing exactly that.

Here are a few things currently occupying my thoughts.

What happened to my awesome old cutoffs?

I had two pairs I loved. Perfect for knocking around the neighborhood on hot summer days. But both are gone. Just gone. I suspect my mother of junking them at some point.

Madewell E8930_DM1291_m

Via Madewell

None of my current pairs of jeans were good candidates for making new cutoffs so I started shopping around. I bought one pair at a local Williamsburg vintage shop (for $15) but to be honest, they feel a little too short. I tried a few pair via Amazon, but same thing: too short.

Later I popped into Madewell looking for some new casual dresses…and instead, I found their cutoffs. Instant love. I bought this style in two different shades.

Bachelor in Paradise

Jojo, the present Bachelorette, has questionable taste, OK? She sent Luke (below) home, and worse, before the overnight dates. WHAT?

As a result, I’m less excited about the Final Rose Monday and more excited about Bachelor in Paradise which premieres Tuesday.

Lemons – thanks Beyonce!

I used to LOVE this citrus body wash. When CVS stopped carrying it, I took it as a sign to upgrade. Voila! Fresh Sugar Lemon is my new go-to. It smells and feels so good.

This weekend I picked up some fresh lemon and asparagus to make this pasta dish. When fall rolls around, I will make this risotto. Too hot for any cooking that isn’t fast right now.


My other loves right now: this restaurant, this wine, this kitten and the idea that Fall is coming.

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