On a much lighter note, I got a sweet surprise in the mail

In the midst of this mess, my friend Eimear who is so wonderful and strong, sent me this wonderful treat: a Tata Harper Try Me Kit.


Eimear and I met through Twitter (although she’s on hiatus now) and she has done some guest posts here. I hate to imagine a Twitter-less world because there’s virtually no way Eimear and I would have crossed paths. She isn’t just a kind, fiercely supportive friend–she’s also kind of my skincare guru as I work hard to become higher maintenance.

So far, the Try Me kit has affirmed my love for this expensive-but-worth-it mask and introduced me to this terrific night cream. I love that the Vermont-made Tata Harper line is all natural.

The only product I haven’t liked? This one. And it’s not Tata Harper’s fault. The cleanser includes broccoli extract as an ingredient. If you have ever dined in a restaurant with me, you know I’m the one wrinkling her nose as the plate of brussels sprouts or cauliflower passes by. NO CRUCIFEROUS VEGETABLES for this gal! That smell…

Anyway, my skin felt good after I used the cleanser–I just couldn’t get past the aroma.

I still have so many samples to try. How lucky am I to have such terrific friends?

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