Remember when I said I needed a new bed?

I don’t use phrases like feng shui often, but here am I, thinking about it in relation to my bedroom.

Something hasn’t feel right in the boudoir since I moved in. I love my new apartment, but the bedroom arrangement and styling attention. The room feels cramped; the worst part being that I have just six or seven inches between the end of my queen size bed and ancient dresser, both from Crate and Barrel.


My bedroom is also way, way too bright most mornings (and some afternoons too when I feel like being lazy). I need to add room-darkening curtains to the existing shades that came with the apartment.

With my upcoming surgery, I am going to be spending more time in my bedroom. I want it to feel as good as possible.

I feel a little guilty selling the bed right now as it’s only a few years old. But with a length of just over 90″, it doesn’t suit the space. The dresser, on the other hand, I’m eager to move. It’s in terrific condition considering that I have had it since at least 2001, but I have been sick of it for a long time. I’m struggling to decide between selling it on Craigslist, Chairish or AptDeco. If you have an opinion, please let me know in the comments.

(update: I went with AptDeco)

My goal was to find a shorter but still queen-sized bed, and to replace my somewhat tall dresser with a wider one. I shopped the usual suspects – Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, CB2, Amazon, Overstock and the like – and combed Etsy for further inspiration. I love Jonathan Adler‘s overall aesthetic, but the beds offered presently don’t address the space issue.

In the end, I found my new bed and dresser somewhere unexpected: PB Teen.

elsie-wide-dresser-o pbteen


elsie-bed-o PB Teen


I knew I liked the product design online, but I wanted to see if in person. Drafting my friend Christina for a reality check, we met at PB Teen on the UES. I was sold and placed my order, picking soft grey over white.

Eventually I want to replace both the mattress, all bedding, the nightstand and the rug, but I think that should wait until after I recover from surgery.


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