Summer of Suck 2.0 – Part Ten: This is how I’m preparing for surgery

There’s today (Sunday) and then the next day, and one more day. Then surgery.

I keep wishing something exciting were happening on Wednesday – a vacation! Something wonderful! But such is life. Wednesday is going to be disorienting and painful. Thursday and Friday will probably be more of the same. It’s hard to think about so I’m trying to focus on preparation and my wonderful friends’ efforts to distract me.

Here is how I’m prepping for the big day.


Having a spectacular dinner at Root & Bone with Adrienne.

We had burrata with peaches, the fanciest peas and carrots, chicken and waffles and luscious grits. We didn’t order dessert but, aware of my upcoming surgery, they sent me home with a pastry care package. So kind!

By not setting up my new bed and dresser.

Unfortunately it’s not ready to ship yet. ARGH. But I did buy curtain rods and ordered curtains that will, alas, arrive while I’m in the hospital. Hopefully Mom will help.

What’s crazy is that I was at the Bed, Bath & Beyond on 6th Avenue just a few hours before the explosions. Awful.

I bought a product surgery veteran Heidi Moore recommended.

Thanks, friend. I bought it at CVS when I could have spared myself the shame via Amazon. WHY? Again, the glamour of it all is so great.

I laundered the new pajamas Joanne sent me.

They are pink and she is awesome.

I bought more cleaning supplies.

Even though I had my apartment professionally cleaned a few days ago, my mother is a neatnik and will surely find problems.

I bought all kinds of comfort foods.

There’s applesauce because who doesn’t like applesauce when all other foods sound terrible? And cinnamon swirl bread so Mom can make me French toast.

I also made apple crisp from my go-to dessert cookbook which I plan to eat, all by myself, by Wednesday. No sharing.

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