Are you a feminist?

I never thought of feminist as a dirty or even tricky word. I identified as a feminist even if I didn’t run around proclaiming it.


My mom went back to work just weeks after I was born. She hadn’t planned to work during my childhood, but her replacement didn’t work. Plus, she really liked her job. My Nana lived with us and Dad was a hands-on parent for the time. These factors allowed her to have a career she found, and still finds, fulfilling.

I don’t think Mom considered herself to be a role model for her growing daughter, but that’s exactly what she became.

The present political climate tells me that it’s time for me to be clear about my status. I am a Feminist with a capital F and I bought this shirt from Feminist Apparel to call it out proudly.


Via Feminist Apparel and Clarissa Martinez

Clarissa’s design also comes in a tank top:


It’s time to be brave, people. Wear your feminism on your sleeve.

Here are more feminist businesses and projects you can support.

Lindsay Eyth‘s Eythink

We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Nobody Cares About Your Fragile Masculinity t-shirt

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

My Body, My Rules t-shirt

Black Lives Matter t-shirt (because intersectional feminism is key)

Make Herstory onesie (gotta start ’em young!)

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