Where I like to eat (and drink) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I have posted here and there about some of my favorite restaurants but never done a full dining guide, per se.

This also is not a dining guide – too overwhelming. Plus I’m a somewhat picky eater and not what anyone would call a food expert.

But I do have my favorites so here are some of them. I plan to add to this post regularly. If you have any recommendations, please share in the comments.

Where I order from when it’s time to Eat My Feelings

Pies n’ Thighs. I swear by the chicken biscuit. It’s worth the calories. And they’re on Seamless without a delivery fee.


Best burger in the neighborhood

The Bedford. I recommend it medium. I also go to The Bedford when I feel like having a solo brunch, sitting at the bar while I read the New York Times. The manager Claudia is such a gem.

Where to eat all of the gluten

I can’t choose just one place. At Lilia, I love every pasta on the menu, but especially the mafaldini. At Antica Pesa, the simple perfection of spaghetti cacio e pepe never fails to satisfy.

The spot for chicken and waffles

Sweet Chick for sure. While they offer other dishes and several variations on chicken and waffles, the classic c&w has never let me down. A hip-hop soundtrack is a big bonus in my opinion.

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Coziest hangouts

Cafe Colette and Hotel Delmano (which isn’t actually a hotel). At Cafe Colette, I love the French toast that arrives piping hot in a cast iron skillet. At Delmano, if they have butterscotch pudding on the menu, get it. Both have terrific cocktails too.

The most Scranton bar & restaurant in Brooklyn

Delaware & Hudson, I love you. In fact, I love you so much you’ll get your own blog post one day soon. For now, I’ll tell people that you serve wimpies in the tavern as well as a Pennsylvania Dutch dish called Schnitz und Nepp that I can’t stop thinking about.

Best churros

I could eat churros every day. The only reason I don’t do so is that I sometimes wear pants, and tight pants are uncomfortable. But Mesa Coyoacan has such good churros.

Best overpriced pizza

I wish I hated Emmy Squared‘s pizza, honestly, because it’s too expensive for what you get.I included my hand in the pic below for scale. Worse, they charge $4 more for the pepperoni pizza I like when I order via Caviar than they charge in-house ($23 vs $19). I crave the pizza, but that’s not cool.


When you add in Caviar’s service/delivery fees, that’s one expensive six-slice pizza. But delicious.

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