Motorcycle jackets are over

I wanted a moto jacket for years. Black, leather, classic. So what if I’m not cool (anymore?) and don’t ride motorcycles.

I knew I was opposed to suede. And I didn’t want a color. Although I had a flirtation with a dark pink Haute Hippie one, because you know me and pink.


The challenge? My long torso and a desire not to spend a gazillion dollars on another coat. I have a lot of coats.

I looked high and low. I even went into a few of Williamsburg’s many vintage shops.

[Oh, the smell! Vintage shopping just isn’t for me, but kudos to those of you who are good at it.]

As usual, the internet came to my rescue. I spotted 7 for all Mankind‘s version and noticed where it hit the model’s hip, giving me hope. But I was reluctant to pay almost $700.

I almost caved re: the no suede stipulation. This jacket is very cute.

Time passed. And then, for whatever reason I looked and found that my desired jacket had gone on sale. GLEE!

I ordered both my usual size and a size up, crossed my fingers and waited. Because I ordered via Saks Off Fifth versus Amazon Prime, I had to wait, like, three or four whole days for them to arrive.

Patience: Not My Virtue.

But eventually I was rewarded with a beautiful coat I love, and for half its original price.

I opted to go with the larger jacket, liking the slightly oversized boyfriend feel.


This is the smaller of the two coats

Naturally, days later, a cold-cold spell hit NYC and I had to move up to my Helmut Lang warm coat. And now it’s raining like mad and I can’t get my baby wet. Which is why I don’t have a good pic of me wearing it.

But I have it. And that, naturally, means that moto jackets are over. Perhaps even motorcycles too. I’m that uncool.

The end.

Update (March 2017): Bloomingdale’s has a terrific suede option for $198. The quality is fantastic for the price. Unfortunately for me, it’s a bit too cropped for my long torso, but I loved it otherwise in grey.

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