My New Year’s plans involve a giant kiss off to 2016

I had just assumed that 2016 would end on one high note – the Bowery Collective‘s annual festivities. And I would have been perfectly content to do so. It’s a beautiful, fun gathering with amazing food and drink.



But then, one of my friends from my July vacation asked “any interest in going back to Saint Martin for New Year’s?”


I think I responded something like “Yes. Yes, I have a lot of interest. Strong interest. Let me buy my plane ticket this very second.”

I’m sorry to miss the BoCo event, but after everything with my tumor surgery, I have been struggling, physically and emotionally. The surgery was physically less painful than I had expected (at least after the first week), and I am grateful for that. But my stamina and energy level are not terrific right now and my mood could use a lift, frankly.

I feel like I shouldn’t be so down. The news post-op was pretty good (tentatively). But I still feel like I have a dark cloud hanging over my head to be honest so forgive me while I duck out for a few days in a beautiful place.


Just because I won’t be at BoCo New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean you can’t go.

You absolutely should if you’ll be in NYC for the holiday. I still have a code good for a discount: use JEN at checkout for 20% off.

Let’s all hope for a better 2017.



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