Where am I?

Less than an hour after I checked in, I got the email.

We see where you are departing tomorrow and hope that you had a wonderful stay here at _______! We realize you have many options when traveling and appreciate you choosing to stay with us.  We wanted to reach out to you and ensure that everything with your stay exceeded expectations.  On behalf of the staff, we wish you a safe trip home, and we hope to see you again sometime soon!

Soon after, the airline sent me an email suggesting I check in for tomorrow’s flight now.


Where am I?

What is my room number?

Is this the hotel with the good hair dryer or the one that fried my hair?

Is this the hotel with the ice machine down the hall or the one where I have to call Room Service if I want my water cold (I do. I always do.).

I have heartburn, but that’s not the hotel’s fault; it’s mine for booking three separate coffee meetings in the same half-day.

[If I ever suggest to you “let’s get coffee,” please do the kind thing and remind me that I get heartburn after two lattes.]

Last night, I slept in my fourth hotel in a six-night stretch. And thanks to my tendency to be a Responsible Business Traveler who looks for good rates, I spent one night each in a Hilton, a Westin and a Hyatt, plus two nights in a Kimpton, gaining status with exactly none of them.

But anyway.

By the time you read this, I’ll be on my way home to Brooklyn. Leave recs for your favorite travel hair dryer in the comments, por favor. I need one stat.



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