Jumpsuit Nation

I had always assumed jumpsuits weren’t for me. This long torso of mine would ruin the look, I figured. My natural waist is at least two inches lower than where clothing wants it to be.

Approximately two years ago, I bought a jumpsuit on a whim. It fit, but I fussed with it the whole first wearing, tugging the waist to where I wanted it. Unsurprisingly, said jumpsuit largely languishes in the back of my closet.

Still, all summer, I saw so many cute, casual jumpsuits, particularly in my neighborhood and it made me want to try again.

That is how I became the proud owner of three new jumpsuits.

First I found this casual one, in black, from the Gap. I am definitely taking it on my upcoming vacation. Of the three, it’s the easiest to take off in the ladies’ room.😄

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 9.09.58 PM

The Gap version is almost sold out so here’s something similar.

My second jumpsuit purchase was this dressier cranberry jumpsuit from BCBGeneration on Amazon. The cutout in the back is fun and I love the color.

Note: it runs large. I got size small and I’m definitely not a small. The cutout in the back is fun.

BCBGeneration jumpsuit

Finally, I found this Plenty by Tracy Reese structured jumpsuit at Lord & Taylor and couldn’t resist. I haven’t been able to find it elsewhere online which makes me think it hit the market some time ago.

Plenty by Tracy Reese

Not nice of L&T to cut off the model’s face


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