Camp X-Ray starring Kristen Stewart

One of my favorite things about life in New York City is the regular availability of really special events. Recently I attended a screening of Kristen Stewart’s forthcoming movie, Camp X-Ray at NYU Law School. The film is about the relationship that Stewart‘s Army Private First Class develops with longtime Guantanamo Bay detainee Ali, played by Peyman Moaadi. […]

Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry pose like besties

This photo from the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards is interesting on its own. How did Kristen come to be sitting on Katy’s lap? I don’t know her (obviously) but she doesn’t seem like a big lap sitter. Too much attention. The pic becomes all the more interesting after watching this video from 2009. Side note: […]

Recasting ‘Focus’ starring Kristen Stewart

On Wednesday, a @KateSpencer tweet clued me into the fact that Ben Affleck has withdrawn from Focus, a film about a young woman – played by Kristen Stewart – learning the tricks of the trade from an established grifter. I wasn’t crushed by the news. Physically Ben doesn’t do much for me. No, not even […]

Tom Cruise and Kristen Stewart? Oh, HELL no!

Time Magazine thought it would be funny to run some numbers and identify Tom Cruise’s next wife. Kristen Stewart is noted as one of three possibilities. My reaction: NO, NO, NO. Note: this ran in Time’s July 23 issue–on newsstands approximately July 16 and thus before Sad Times. Unfortunately I can’t find the graphic online. […]

“Robert Pattinson is dating Kristen Stewart. And they are very serious about each other.”

I’m not a Lainey follower but this post is AWEsome. And I quote: But where she [Lindsay Lohan] ’s concerned, you know. It’s a quick infection.  And that’s why the ONLY move when Lindsay Lohan walks in somewhere, and I don’t give a sh-t how much fun you’re having, is to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. You book it right […]

Can the world handle Kristen Stewart naked?

Updated to add these tweets.     I can’t be the only one who feels a bit of anxiety about On the Road, can I? An early report* I read on OTR footage here (spoiler alert!) left me saying “Whoa.” The film will have to be close to perfect for this to work. Sienna Miller (NSFW) […]