Don’t forget Sandy

I passed this sign approximately 100 times pre-Sandy. Now it’s a good reminder that people are still hurting on multiple levels. If you want to help, here are a few ways to consider. Shop at a local business in a region affected by the storm. Connect directly with a family in need. Here’s one option. […]

More thoughts on post-Sandy NYC

Somehow, some way, the L and G trains will find a way to disappoint. – New York Times (11/6/12) Before Sandy, I took these photos of my commute. It worried me then, how taxed NYC’s transit system had become. Not to be all Debbie Downer but I’m even more worried now. What are we gonna […]

This messy post-Sandy life

During the first day after the storm, I went to my go-to cafe for a bit, but it was packed and I felt bad taking a seat away from storm refugees desperate to charge electronics and enjoy a hot beverage. I had both power and internet at home. Damage in my neighborhood was minimal.

Scenes from Superstorm Sandy

All is well here in my Williamsburg, Brooklyn abode. The building swayed during the bigger gusts enough to make us worry a little, but my neighbors and I didn’t lose power. I’m feeling grateful. We have trees in Williamsburg, but not like in Brownstone Brooklyn. My friend Melissa Hope Chusid created this great collage about […]

There’s a beach in Williamsburg?

One of the things I love most about life in NYC is the sense that I can never completely know it. There will always be secrets to uncover. Something new replacing something old. Mysteries just down the block. And here’s one: a beach of sorts right in my neighborhood. OK, so it’s not South Beach, […]

I went to Long Beach

Long Beach is just 25 miles from where I live in Brooklyn. And yet last weekend was my first visit. I had a work event to attend Sunday so after weighing my options (LIRR, Uber, taxi, car service, helicopter – just kidding!), I rented a car. My little blue Fiat was terrific! After the event […]

Is this OK?

My mother told me it’s OK to refresh your lipstick in public. But no more than that. Everything else – mascara, concealer, eyeliner – should be saved for the restroom. I winced each time the subway jostled this lady while she had pointy things by her eyes. Related posts: NYC: not for wimps Scenes […]

Five things I want to buy right now

1. This book by Damien Echols. I enjoy reading memoirs and the less they are like my own life, the better. 2. A Bazinga lunchbox for my Big Bang Theory-loving Dad. Not sure what he’d do with it but still! 3. These Stuart Weitzman boots. I’d kick so much a$$ wearing them. 4. This pink opal ring […]

Five things I’m jealous of right now

1. Kristen Stewart’s youthful good looks 2. …and her wardrobe. Nice work by fellow Cornell alumna Tara Swennen. I love this round-up from Fashion Court. 3. Anyone who has plans to go to this resort. 4. Shaun Robinson for managing to look like the also gorgeous Kerry Washington’s sister 5. This Sandy relief worker from Chicago […]