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Brooklyn Rocks

Spotted at Brooklyn Charm in Williamsburg.

Brooklyn Rocks

Sorry, I had to.

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I want it: Urban Outfitters settee

Yes, it’s pink. Very pink.



I love it. And I want it.

A google image search makes me think it is an Urban Outfitters settee–which is backordered, of course.

Has anyone bought furniture from Urban Outfitters before? If so, how’s the quality?

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Art? Oh.

Call me clueless about art. A heathen.

But I wouldn’t want this painting on any of my walls, not even a bathroom wall.

I imagine the teenage boy who lives in the house either has a lot of fun with the painting when friends visit or cringes for the first hour.

George Condo, you must be a fascinating man.


NYC real estate: old pink bathrooms anyone?

Sometimes I review real estate postings even though I’m not exactly looking to move. While some listings make me swoony, more often than not my jaw drops for the wrong reasons.

I’m a pink lover, but no. NO.

I like to be sure I have a good place to live for my money. It hurts to write the monthly check, but I’m staying put.

Am I the only one hooked on real estate?

The grass isn’t always greener.

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NYC bathrooms. Focus on Dream Downtown.

The bathroom in Dream Downtown Hotel requires a bit of work to find. It isn’t right in the lobby.

Instead, visitors head to the rear and to the left and take the stairs or an elevator down one level. Even then, there’s some searching to do. Worthwhile searching even beyond basic need (!) because this is a very cool spot.

I wish I took more pictures. But because of the merged hand washing area for men and women, there was someone present when I entered and exited. And I felt strange photographing a bathroom.

For once!

You should check it out though. The whole hotel is gorgeous.