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Welcome 2014

Happy New Year, one and all.


2013 had lots of heavy moments, but finished strong. I’m grateful to you for reading my words and cheering me on, particularly when I need a lift.

Let’s hope we all have a terrific 2014.

Reflections and hopes

This New Year’s Eve I thought about staying home. At 8:30, I rallied with encouragement from @eorlins–and a virtual shove out the door by my neighbors’ loud gathering–and had a great time.


Note to self: you should rally more often. You have fun when you do.

•          •          •          •          •

On January 1 I got news that would have crushed me just two years ago: the man with whom I had my most significant romantic relationship so far is getting married this coming May.

What a relief that all I feel is glad that he’s happy. With perhaps a dash of “that’s weird.”

•          •          •          •          •

Later on January 1, I had a terrific brunch with @JulieRoginsky and then with no warning at all, I had the greatest workout I’ve experienced in ages. Total accident. Through it, I might have found myself a personal trainer in spite of not making any fitness-oriented New Year’s resolutions.

Or any resolutions at all.

•          •          •          •          •

My only hope for 2013 is to be happy. To continue being happy really, because I am most of the time. I wish the same for all of you too.