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Who let these ads be made?

Here are two recent head-scratchers.

Invictus by Paco Rabanne

The good: the guy has a great physique and I *love* Kanye’s track, Power.

The bad: it’s just so…weird. The awkward motions. The references (I think) to Greek gods set in a sporting stadium. The cheesy act of walking with a trophy on his shoulder. And then, naturally, the hero gets to the locker room where the clothes of the waiting women just fly off.


Merci Chocolate

The good: hmm. Well, it IS an ad for chocolate. And about saying thank you to people. So that’s nice.

The bad: everything else. I swear, every time this ad starts, I think it’s a Saturday Night Live Sketch. The sing-song jingle reminds me of the Golden Girls (which I still love), and yet I hate this ad. My guess is that a US-based ad agency either wasn’t involved or got ignored when they recommended ditching this goofy creative.


Still, will anything ever top the creepy Folger’s ad?

New favorite ad: P3

I love the part where the woman at yoga says “she’s fine.”

Note: I’m not endorsing P3 as I haven’t tried it. Just liked the ad.

This is not a Brad Pitt parody

No, it’s a real ad. One that predates Brad Pitt’s cringe-inducing Chanel No. 5 ad.

I crack up every time it airs.

When Brad’s ad airs and he says “…my fortune” I groan. In a bad way.

Do you see a resemblance between ‘Johan’ and Brad?