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Call the police!

Ann Curry has stolen some toddler’s dress.

Ann Curry, Cannes, China, boobs, butts, food and other stuff

Ann Curry is covering Cannes Film Festival for the Today Show. Quelle horreur! Someone please keep her away from On the Road and Cosmopolis.

Via Gawker

Just What’s Inside Those Breasts via NPR

If you didn’t Shape Up, you might settle up.

Celery: For the Love of God, Why?

Bon Appetit Grub Crawl. Looks cool (if pricey).

I haven’t b*tched about Ann Curry in a really long time

(Except on Twitter. Does that count?)

If this is true, my day has been made.

I wonder if this new contract stipulates that he can decline one stupid interview each month (e.g., Jersey Shore, any Kardashian, anyone with ten plus children). That’s a clause I’d need.

Updated to add this awesome quote from @mkdlisted

I’m guessing that Ann Curry will soon be saying “good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning” to the clerk at the unemployment office.

Ann Curry: Oy Vey

Y’all know how I feel about Ann Curry (blergh) and I adore @nymag so I’m not sure how I missed this bit from January 8 until last week.

My favorite excerpt:

If the show’s audience doesn’t gravitate to Ann Curry soon, could NBC buck its own succession plan, much as it did with Conan and Jay Leno, and have Savannah Guthrie replace Ann? She’s got that girl-next-door quality, and Ann can sometimes come off as disingenuous in interviews. And I don’t see a situation where they could remove Ann and keep her at the network (she wouldn’t be happy staying on as a special correspondent, and she is no longer hosting Dateline). There would be nowhere else for her to go. Unfortunately, that’s the way those things play out.

And this Joel McHale-hosted clip shows the only reason I’m happy Ann was made anchor: so I don’t have to hear her awkwardly transition into the news.

For your entertainment:

  • Google search results for Ann Curry dislike
  • A blog called “I Hate Ann Curry” which hasn’t been updated since 2006. I suspect the blogger’s head exploded from Ann Curry mishaps like this and this.
  • Ew. Not my idea but instead one of Google’s suggested searches.

I previously threatened to switch from the Today Show to Good Morning America, but GMA has its own issues.

If Today doesn’t dump Ann, I’ll have to seriously consider quitting morning TV for NPR. It might help me get to the office on time too.