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Moving on up!

I’m moving on up…to the Northside of Williamsburg, that is.

At the end of May, I’ll be moving approximately seven blocks from where I presently live to a much larger apartment I’ll share with my friend Katie.

One bonus: my rent is going to go down by a LOT. Another bonus? There’s a washer dryer in the apartment. This is a big deal in NYC.

When I told my mother that I am moving, it was clear to me that she hoped it would be to a Manhattan apartment. Sorry, Mom.


I like Williamsburg and here I can afford a much, much nicer apartment than in Manhattan.

The only thing I’m not excited about? Packing. Ugh.

Los Angeles apartments have pink tile too

I thought NYC had a lock on weird apartments. Craigslist will prove otherwise.

I give you a small selection of Los Angeles‘ rental oddities.

Pink tile.

LA pink tile

Green tile


Carpeting. Ugh, carpeting.


This is the extent of the kitchen.


Like in New York, you can find sad window air conditioner units reflected in mirrored closets.


Just to be clear, I’m not moving to Los Angeles. It’s true that LA is one of my favorite places and I look forward to my trips there. Every time I’m there, I wonder what it would be like to live in LA.

I want a new (d)rug

Apologies to Huey Lewis.

As part of my ongoing effort to make a house an apartment a home, I bought a new rug (no drugs) via Joss & Main.

The rug I presently have in my bedroom used to be my living room rug in DC. It’s looking shabby. No amount of Resolve and vacuuming can make it look OK now.


My new rug is much brighter. Here is a picture of it in a room that is not mine. Continue reading

The apartment that got away

I know I said I was staying put, but then the rent went up and I started looking around.

The pickings were slim, as always given that it’s NYC, but I kept looking. It seemed like a good opportunity to press RESET, perhaps lower my rent and maybe even go back to Manhattan. As I’ve said, I love Williamsburg, but the L train occasionally challenges my sanity. It would also be nice to have more friends closer to home.

I saw a few “one bedrooms” that were actually studios with a funny wall built to awkwardly break up the space. Like this.

Via Bond

That seems to be the trick of the moment. Years ago, before NYC realtors used the internet much for posting their listings, tricks included not telling you the apartment location and making you meet them on a nearby corner (so you wouldn’t try to see the apartment independently and avoid their broker’s fee).

Then I saw one apartment that was a possibility. Continue reading


Dad is in the hospital.

In Philly two hours from home.

So Mom and I are also in Philly. In violation of all privacy laws, I will tell you that Dad is getting a pacemaker.

Honestly, I’m more anxious about my impending apartment search and move (note: I am not staying put after all thanks to a big rent hike) than Dad’s procedure. At first glance, you’ll probably think I’m a self-involved ass for that.

But I swear: apartment hunting in NYC is generally more stressful than getting a pacemaker. Weird, right?

I’m approaching Dad’s procedure as a great thing actually. The doctor thinks he’ll feel like a new man once the pacemaker is in. Fingers crossed.

I hope to return to NYC Tuesday. And to blogging soon after that.


Update: Dad’s procedure went great.

NYC real estate in a nutshell

While doing some comparison shopping, I came across this bit of hilarity.


How many paupers do you know that can spend close to $3000 on monthly rent?

Pauper 2.jpg

A real pauper would instead consider this room in Nolita which is gently priced at $395 per month. Of course, it’s also disgusting.

Gross apartment

Now you see how I keep coming back to the I’m Staying Put conclusion.

Should I stay or should I go?

The early days of this blog featured a few posts about my epic apartment hunt in 2011. After all of that, would you believe that I have thought about moving? I considered it.


I love my apartment with a few small exceptions: Continue reading

Living in NYC: Walk-up Buildings

I often wonder if non-New Yorkers know how many of our buildings don’t have elevators. Once in a while, you’ll even find a seventh floor walk-up!


I noticed the buildings pictured recently on my way home from work and thought “Not all walk-ups are created equal.”

I’m grateful for my elevator. Some of these walk-ups aren’t even cheaper.

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This is my personal space – part 2

As promised yesterday, here is my Houseguest of Horror story.

I was 22 years old. Maybe 23, but probably 22. An acquaintance from back home in Pennsylvania got in touch to say that she and another friend were coming to NYC. Could they crash with me?

Sure, I assume I said. I was young, rash and not set in my ways as I am now.

I might also have wanted to show off my cool Gramercy Park apartment, a large studio with a separate sleeping loft that functioned as my bedroom. It even had a closet up there. The building has been renovated and turned into fancy condos now.

The acquaintance and her friend, a big burly dude, had me meet them at Peculier Pub. When I arrived, they were already drunk. Drunk enough that I started feeling nervous about them being my house guests.

We can fast forward to the important part of this story because the details are both fuzzy and unimportant. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, I awakened to find the male guest peeing all over my bathroom floor in a drunken stupor.

I was horrified – OBVIOUSLY – but not intimidated for some reason. I kicked them out. I didn’t care that it was sometime around 5 am and where would they go. Nope. Out. I yelled my head off, angry and grossed out until they left.

Adding insult to injury, the female acquaintance told our mutual friend, and anyone else who would listen, how I kicked them out, somehow managing to spin the story in her favor. She never apologized either.

Thanks for bringing back this awful memory, Apartment Therapy.

<<still shuddering>>

This is my personal space – part 1

Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite sites, recently asked the question “Overnight Guests: Can You Just Say No?” prompting me to think back on a house guest incident I’ll tell you about tomorrow. 

The post featured thoughts from Erin Boyle who keeps a blog called Reading My Tea Leaves. Erin and her husband live in a 250 square foot apartment (!!) here in NYC which helps inform her opinion on house guests.

In this case, the comments below the post really added to the discussion. Some posters couldn’t imagine saying no to a house guest, ever. Others, however, were shocked that people would invite themselves to stay.

My perspective is colored by the fact that I have lived in cities my entire adult life. I have not had a guest room ever and my couch doesn’t pull out.

When I was younger, I probably hosted more people than I do now. Having a house guest in close quarters is, well, tiring. Cleaning, ensuring all of my best linens are washed and waiting, and most importantly, the change in my routine. On weekends, I really enjoy being lazy, sleeping in and keeping my schedule loosely organized.

There are some friends, of course, for whom I’d drop everything to host them.

How do you feel about house guests?

And yes, the headline makes me think of this movie clip.

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