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Art? Oh.

Call me clueless about art. A heathen.

But I wouldn’t want this painting on any of my walls, not even a bathroom wall.

I imagine the teenage boy who lives in the house either has a lot of fun with the painting when friends visit or cringes for the first hour.

George Condo, you must be a fascinating man.


“Rob and Kristen are actually a couple in real life” ~Breaking Dawn Set Designer Richard Sherman

I was loving the idea that Architectural Digest wrote a feature about the set design of Breaking Dawn. It’s not a long piece but it still took me a bit of time to get to the second page.

Good thing I did so I didn’t miss this epic quote about Rob and Kristen!

AD: What was it like on the set?

RS: Everyone had a good time. The three main actors are all very fun to work with. Kristen is quite serious. Rob and Taylor are a little bit wild. Rob and Kristen are actually a couple in real life. When he’s with her, he’s a little more restrained. When she’s not around, like most guys when their wives or girlfriends aren’t around, he’s a little looser. Taylor’s a kid—he’s 19—so he was bouncing all over the place.


The rest of the article is worth reading too.

Production designer Richard Sherman chats with AD about the sets for the fourth movie in the vampire series, starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner—with a cameo appearance by a house featured in our January 2011 issue

I love the discussion of how the production designer combined elements from the house in Brazil, sets constructed in Louisiana and special effects.

A fun bit:

ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST: How did you choose the Bernardes + Jacobsen house for Edward and Bella’s Brazilian honeymoon?

RICHARD SHERMAN: We looked at pictures and found a house we loved. But two days later we learned it was going to be blown up because it had been built illegally. The next morning I got on a plane to Brazil, hopped on a boat, and went through countless islands along the coastline south of Rio. It took us four weeks to finally find the Bernardes + Jacobsen house, which had a tropical modern interior and was located near Paraty on the coast that we liked.


Thanks for the laugh, Architectural Digest

I don’t care if the artist is Anh Duong. I’m not hanging a portrait that makes me look hideous.

Especially not in my own, tastefully appointed Parisian flat which was featured in the October issue of Architectural Digest.

But I guess that’s Anh Duong’s thing. Her portrait of Karen Elson is the stuff of nightmares.