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Twitter Spotlight: Ashley Spivey

I have wanted to feature Ashley Spivey here for a long time.

It was Ashley’s appearance on Brad’s second season as The Bachelor that introduced the world to her Southern accent and quick wit. Her tweets keep us laughing (except when they’re about books in which case they’re super useful in building a Good Reads list) and her Instagrams give us little peeks into her life in NYC and travels beyond.

ashley 3

OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@AshleySpivey: A big personality, a bigger heart, and a huge sense of humor.

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Things I’d rather do than watch Kris Jenner’s show

It started with a tweet.

And then another.

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Watching Bachelorette from the West Coast

After missing the pleasure of my Bachelorette-watching Twitter friends’ company last Monday while I was in Rehoboth Beach, you can imagine my distress level upon realizing that I will be on a plane to Los Angeles during tonight’s broadcast.

My face looked like this. I eventually caught up by watching on ABC.com, which has the worst ads. Total disincentive to watch online.

To make myself feel better, I watched the latest Spivey Says video. I also read the latest from JensReality.

Was anyone surprised that Eagle Face, as Ashley calls him, was a jerk as he left? Not me. Not even a little.

But I digress…

Fortunately if I hustle, I should be able to catch at least the second hour of the Pacific Time Bachelorette broadcast from my LA hotel.

Help a girl out: which West Coast tweeters are must-follows for me due to their smashing Bachelorette commentary?

PS Hottie? Really?

It’s happening #bachelorette

Tonight The Bachelorette begins anew.

Just for fun, you should go to Ashley Spivey’s web site Say No to Cosmo and fill our a bracket before the first rose ceremony.

Via SayNotoCosmo.com


As in past seasons, consider this either a reminder to tune in, or a warning that you will *hate* my tweets each Monday night until Emily finds love and/or breaks many hearts.