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My NYC To Do List – Progress Report

As you may recall, I started My NYC To Do List not long after moving back here after ten years in DC. My attention to The List has been, well, haphazard at best.

But I’m focused now. Ready to tackle stuff and add new To Dos.

1. Check out Sleep No More – accomplished!

2. Eat at Traif – achieved, more than once.


3. See the Radical Camera exhibit – missed. That will teach me to pick things with realistic deadlines. Maybe.

4. Attend a Saturday Night Live taping (Click)

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Twitter Spotlight: Beth Lyden

Beth and I met eons ago thanks to the Village Voice. Yes, the Village Voice. At that point, CraigsList was nothing but a listserv so some of us used the Voice to find apartment shares.

Beth and her roommate Kristen were looking for someone to replace their third roommate who was moving out of NYC. Fortunately for me, Beth and Kristen picked me out of the people who paraded through their apartment at The Wellesley on the Upper East Side.

We have been friends ever since!


OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@Beaker4369: The ability to make me laugh. Make me feel comfortable in my own skin so that I show them all of me, from the inside out. 

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My NYC To Do List – Item #11: Tour Brooklyn Brewery

Isn’t it terrible that I have yet to visit Brooklyn Brewery?

Via Brooklyn Brewery

I drink enough of its output, particularly at local dive The Abbey.

The Brewery is not far from where I live.

I like beer. Sometimes I love beer.

And tours are free. Yes, FREE.

Care to join me?

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Ode to The Michelada

The michelada is my favorite drink.

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Maybe you’re not familiar with it. Also known as “cerveza preparada,” it is a beer cocktail of sorts.

Imagine a spicy bloody Mary with lots of lime juice, but replace the vodka with beer. Recipes vary but that’s the beauty of it: there are several ways to get to the same essential beverage.

Here’s one I like.

Or you could let someone else do the heavy lifting. I have had some terrific micheladas at these spots:

Have you tried a michelada? What did you think?

My NYC To Do List – Item #5: Raise a stein at Radegast Beer Hall

I like beer (a lot). Don’t you?

How have I not been to Radegast yet? It’s a problem. I have lived nearby for about six months.


They even serve brunch. What’s not to love?

Maybe I’m just afraid that once I go, I’ll have to visit weekly. Or more often.


Take a @sidetour

Artisanal dinner party in Brooklyn with craft beer pairings? How amazing does this @sidetour sound?

BROOKLYN ROOTED MENU: November 18th and 19th

To Start
Pretzel Bread Coarse Salt, Yellow Mustard Butter, Pickled Vegetables

First Course
“Chicken Noodle Soup” – House-Made Fettucinni, Roasted Chicken Broth, Cornbread Fried Chicken

Second Course
Braised Berkshire Pork – Cauliflower and Chanterelle Mushroom Barigoule, Cannelinni Beans, Turnip Greens

Third Course
Smoked Stout Ice Cream – Roasted Pear Cobbler, Kettle Corn

In case you’re asking yourself, “what’s a Sidetour?” I’ll answer “only the brilliant idea-turned-company co-founded by my friend Mark Webster.” More info here.

Sadly, the dates of the dinner described above don’t work for me. Rest assured, I’ll be watching for Elise Kornack’s next Sidetour.

One day in Brooklyn

I took a nice long walk around my neighborhood Saturday. You should come and visit – there’s much more I want to see.

First thing, I grabbed a bite to eat at Fabiane’s in spite of @cherry_blossomz advice that while the food was good, the service was awful. She was right. Noted. Also, if you visit the web site, prepare yourself for some terrible smooth jazz. I warned you.

If I were paranoid, I’d tell you about how other diners got real knives while mine was plastic.  Continue reading