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Ready For Love?

Will you be watching Ready For Love when it premieres Tuesday night?


I plan to watch–even though it means being subjected to Giuliana Rancic’s blather.

I’m hoping some of my Twitter friends who watch Bachelor and Bachelorette will do so too. These shows are more fun with company whether you watch for sincere I-love-love reasons or for snark.

One of my college roommates works on Ready For Love, but alas, has not given me any juicy details.

P.S. Is it just me or do two of the three guys look like brothers in the photo above?

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Livetweeting the #bachelor. Apologies in advance.

In spite of Ben not doing anything (anything) for me, I will be watching #Bachelor to the annoyance of whatever Twitter followers I have left.


Not really. It’s just too fun to watch, laugh and get snarky with my friends on The Internetz.

Time to tune in for Droopy!