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Ups and Downs – 2014

When I see friends post “good riddance 2014” or “best year ever!” I scratch my head. Good things happened this year. So did not-so-good things.

But that’s every year. That’s life.

2014 kicked off with snow, cold temperatures, travel and food.


I tried Pure Barre. I considered Botox, but got these shots instead. I ate and ate some more. Travel was a constant, but I mostly liked it.

I got completely fooled (and found it hilarious). Continue reading

In case you’re new here

I’ve seen you new folks lurking (and I love you for it).

Today in lieu of a new Twitter Spotlight, I thought I’d point out some posts from the past that shed a light on what’s going on here.

Is that cool with you? Good.

First, please read my post about Shame Sex and tell me who you would do, even though you know it would be totally wrong. Also, I totally hit that.


Next, let’s flash back to Prince Harry in Vegas. Just because.  Continue reading