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Guest post: Defeating the Earworm

As I fly back from Dallas, check out more thoughts on music from @AestheticsGirl

It crawls into your head and takes control of your brain—the earworm

Unbidden by you, you walk to the car with some random song jangling about your head. You hum along to it in line for coffee garnering strange looks from the fellow caffeine hounds, and in many instances the lyrics pop out of your mouth without you even realizing it happened.

The earworm has you. Earworms are tough to kill and can last for days despite attempts to get that song out of your head.

In fairness, not all earworms are bad.  The Black Keys “Lonely Boy” has spun itself right round my brain a few times and actually helped to give some pep to my mood.  The right earworm can be used to put some extra strut in your step.

The majority of the time though it feels like the earworm is going to drive you insane.  Listening to music doesn’t always help, it might be a stop gap measure, but then as you’re brushing your teeth at midnight, boom, it’s there again and you’re brushing to the rhythm of “Conga.”

The best way to defeat the earworm: get another earworm playing in your head to push the first one out.

For me, I start to recite Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.”  It’s one of the few songs that I know all the lyrics to and it is infectious enough to override any other songs playing in my head.  Also I kind of like saying “my anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun”—that line will forever amuse me.

What’s your earworm defeating song?

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Discovering Bobby Long

I remember when I first heard the Black Keys two or three years ago. The sound was different from other bands I had been listening to. Brothers grabbed my attention, and held it.

Imagine my surprise when I learned via @aestheticsgirl that the Black Keys weren’t some new band on the scene. On the contrary, there were five whole previous studio releases to check out plus live albums, collaborations and other stuff.

Lucky me!

I like to think that somewhere down the line, a new fan of Bobby Long‘s will learn that there’s an album called A Winter Tale that came out in February of 2011. It’s a gem that surely brought him additional fans, but deserved to be a bigger hit in my opinion.

Here’s a live version of one of my favorite tracks, Who Have You Been Loving.