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Twitter Spotlight: Jennifer Peros

Would it be weird for me to say that I want to be Jen Peros when I grow up? Given that I’m older than her, yeah probably. But still!

Jen is a reporter for US Weekly. Yes, she makes a living investigating celebrity news, interviewing stars and going on television to share the latest scoops. Oh, and she met my preteen crush Rick Springfield.


Jealous? I think I am.

OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@JenPeros: A tall, drink of handsome water who can laugh at everything with me, and at me sometimes, too. 

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I bought it: Jo Malone body creme

Laden with Christmas dinero and waiting for friends to arrive for lunch, I made the mistake of going into the Jo Malone shop at Grand Central.

The weird part? I don’t wear a lot of fragrance. I’m more likely to complain about the pervasiveness of someone’s cologne or perfume than to wear it myself.

But I do love Jo Malone. I went in thinking I’d just browse the new offerings, but instead¬†I left the store having purchased Blackberry and Bay body creme.

Jo Malone

I love the almost woodsy fragrance and the heavy creme is great for winter skin.

Jo Malone body creme pricey but the contents of this hefty jar will last a long time and unlike liquid cologne, won’t ‘turn’ over time. I’ll be enjoy this new purchase for two years at least based on past purchases of Gardenia, and Nectarine and Honey Blossom.

Also, when you make a purchase, Jo Malone is very generous with samples. I keep the little vials in my travel toiletry bag for use during trips.

Do you have a favorite fragrance?