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‘Cause I’m a blonde

Yep, yet another post about my hair. I think about my hair a lot.

I went to my charming stylist Thomas’s apartment on the Lower East Side for highlights and a trim. He made my hair a little blonder than I expected, but I think I like it.


It looks much lighter in person, I think. And I’ll use undereye concealer in the future.

T and his boyfriend have the sweetest Schnauzer who answers to Yoko.


Happily, my allergies were kept at bay.

Have a great weekend, lovely friends.

I once had short hair

As college ended, I thought I needed to cut my hair into something resembling sophistication. Somehow I ended up with this:

I cried about it (OK, a LOT). I had dreams about having my old long hair. And now, when I get tired of long-ish hair, I remind myself that I was miserable with short hair.