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I met my crush (and his wife)

I had been in somewhat proximity with Aaron Paul twice before, but failed to actually meet him.

Aaron Paul

Fortunately there are second (and third, and fourth…) chances in life. Continue reading

Five things to enjoy this Friday

1. This Jimmy Kimmel Live video of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. I can’t tell you why this makes me laugh even after repeated viewings. It just does.

2. This pic of my friend’s toddler eating brownies.

3. This quiz about Tim Riggins. Because Tim Riggins.

4. This movie. Yes, Enough Said is poignant given James Gandolfini’s sudden death, but Julia Louis-Dreyfus is amazing and fun.

5. This Aaron Paul video Breaking Boise. I love seeing him have fun with his Breaking Bad fame.

Twitter Spotlight: Erica Reitman

I’m excited to profile someone I intend to meet soon: Erica Reitman who also goes by @EffedParkSlope.

That is, we’ll meet if we can make ourselves get off our respective couches and if she forgives me for outing her as a Twilight fan (like me).

Erica wears a lot of hats: blogger, writer, marketer and Twitter account juggler. She’s so good at Pinterest it isn’t fair.

Meet Erica.

OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@EffedParkSlope: I’m married, so I’m just gonna describe my husband (@30secondlife): funny, creative, goofy, handsome and a great dancer Continue reading