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The Homeland Bandwagon

I am on it, with the zeal of a convert.*

If you haven’t watched Homeland yet, you must. I’m new to it, having used Showtime’s Homeland marathons to get caught up in time for Season 2.

*Yes, that’s on purpose given the Brody storyline.

Homeland in a nutshell:

CIA agent Carrie Mathison and her colleagues in the counterterrorism unit investigate Marine Nicholas Brody in order to determine if he was turned during his eight years as a prisoner of war and is now working on behalf of Al Qaeda.

There’s a twist, though. Quite a few twists really.

First of all, Homeland dared make a ginger a sex object AND IT WORKED! Damian Lewis‘ Brody is very, very hot. He’s also British, but his American accent is perfect.

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