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Looking back

As you read this, I am on a business trip in Mexico* instead of live-tweeting The Bachelor. For some of you, this is probably cause for celebration.



I thought that for tonight I’d share a few of my favorite posts from the past, some Bachelor-related, most not.

  • Hey Chris Harrison! A little color please.
  • Meagan Good’s eyebrows
  • Fashion Police
  • Cumin my Cocktail
  • Greenwich Village, my old ‘hood
  • My pioneering hipsterĀ bun

*Sadly there’s no beach involved and no pool time. But there’s tequila.

Williamsburg style: the Hipster Bun

Unlike Shannon Kim, I am not a fan of this trend: the hipster bun.

I don’t object to a bun per se. Or even a messy bun.

It’s the heights people take it to – say, two inches from the forehead and hairline. Which strikes me as ridiculous.

I think this model pulls it off reasonably well. But it’s still not my favorite style.

Via JoannaGoddard.blogspot.com (which I love)

What styles do you swear you’d never adopt?