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Eat these cookies!

Life is tense right now.

Concern #1? My beloved Dad is not well. I would appreciate it if you’d send him your very best thoughts for better health.

this is an old photo

this is an old photo

Concern #2: it looks like I have found a new apartment. This is a good thing, but moving is a pain. More on this soon. Continue reading

The best thing I ate this week*

My friend and I went to Corkbuzz. We ate a little, we drank a little more and then I insisted on ordering a butterscotch pot de creme with toffee brittle.

It was perfect. I like my friend (obviously) but I sad about sharing this creamy, sweet, salty confection.

*I actually ate it last week, but for the sake of this post, let’s pretend. Special thanks to Colby @ Corkbuzz for getting me the photo!