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I went to Saint Martin

…and thought seriously about not coming back. Whether you call it St. Martin or Sint Maarten, it’s a beautiful island.


When my annual trip to Rehoboth fell through, Tammy came to my rescue.

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We were young

This is a selfish post from a single woman longing for a vacation who wishes more of her friends were available for fun.

It used to be pretty easy to organize a getaway with girlfriends. The biggest challenges were cost and scheduling time away from work. The former came into play more than the latter – in our twenties, none of us were “indispensable” at work – at least yet.

In 2002, I went to Grand Cayman with two girlfriends who didn’t know each other, but trusted me when I said “you’ll be compatible.” They were. We had a fabulous time in a beautiful place.

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